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Let me explain... What I do for a living

Illustrated booklet

Dear sex worker, are you tired of making a kind of repeated coming out? Undoing the same prejudices and telling the story of your beginnings over and over again? Or you'd like to start talking about it, but you don't know where to start? And you, dear non-sex worker, someone just told you she/he is doing this line of work? You don't know how to handle it because everything you know about it you've heard on television?We are here to help.

This is a small guide to introduce sexwork, and some guidance on the right questions to ask. The sex workers will find a space at the end to share their personal experience if they want to. And there are also funny drawings, because if we can smile and laugh about something, it means we are already accepting it better.

Kindle : 5,90 $

Paperback : 9,99 $ with the kindle version for free


Let me explain... My consent at work

Illustrated booklet

This little book is about Consent and Sexwork. It is primarily for sexworkers, but also for all people who wish to know more about Consent and/or Sexwork. It is also for our sexwork's customers, because reading this will be helpful to have more of an idea about how to adress their own consent, and how to respect the sexworker's.

Consent is covers all types of interactions. Every time two or more humans meet, where one person wants something, like to go with a friend to a concert, or to have sex, there is a negocation to be done in order to meet everyone's desires. It is something we live every day subconsciously.

Come explore all of this with us, and we hope this booklet helps you discover and express clearly what you want and what you don't !

Kindle : 5,84 $

Paperback : 12 $ with the Kindle Version for free



1. Down to Earth

Comic book

Nina Jones is from Hoe'm, a sexworkers planet ruled by the principles of kindness, consent, communication and sexual freedom. She wants to travel, and so heads to Earth. What a surprise for her when she learns from her new friends, Mila Kelani and Emy Phoenix, how much discrimination and violence sexworkers face on this planet !

The three of them come from different backgrounds, and not only are they in the same professional field, something else connects them : they have superpowers. It's in a stripclub where they decide to come up with costumes and masks to try to start making some changes...

Paperback : 22$

Kindle : 9,99$

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