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Ophelia L. and Emy Phoenix met when they started sexwork, they became Thelma and Louise in garter belts, trying many things, whether as independent escorts, strippers, webcam models, working in brothels, providing erotic massages, being a phone sex operator...

Ophelia drew their lives while Emy was racking their brain with philosophical questions.

The idea of teaming up in books, mixing writings and drawings, came about over many coffees, glasses of wine, cigarettes, cocktails. It took us a while, but we got started.


Our project is to make sexwork, other subjects such as sexuality in general, or the gender question, more accessible, and to do it in the lightest way possible, to do our small part of the work to reduce the stigma surrounding all of this. Because when you can laugh and smile at a subject, it means you accept it a little better.

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Ophelia L. is a sexworker, illustrator, and mother who loves to observe human beings. She uses her drawings for many purposes, such as to remind herself of a situation, making people laugh, or changing someone's perspective on a subject. She likes to be inspired by reality and mixes it with her own imagination, while keeping a simple and expressive style. She is bisexual, polyamorous, has unconditional love for her plants, and an unexplained passion for rubber ducks.

Emy Phoenix is a non binary person, sexworker, philosophy teacher and therapist. They like to write educationnal texts, articles, poems, comics' scripts, and to talk in public about topics they're passionate about.

You can contact them if you want them to give a workshop or talk at an event or in your structure. It could be :

A workshop about Consent in general, Consent for Sexworkers or Consent in BDSM.

A talk about Gender or about Sexwork.

They are based in Berlin.

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